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SoulSweat Workouts Online

Welcome to the 4th edition of SoulSweat!

A 6-week fitness and mindful movement membership for the conscious woman.

Are you ready to dig into the power of your body and learn about the teachings within?

I'm Ready

Inside SoulSweat you will get...

  • 5 total weekly workouts: 3 of those will be LIVE workouts, and 2 more workouts each week to complete on the days we don't meet LIVE.

  • NEW! Introducing our very first 6-week cycle, instead of only 4 weeks!

  • NEW! Introducing 1 bi-weekly Zumba Session with Keily: to make our cardio sessions fun and to extend our usual dance parties!

  • NEW! "I do what I want" workouts: I’ve crafted a schedule of additional specific muscle group targeting workouts, so you can personalize and choose where you wish to develop, sculpt, and strengthen more and to suit your physique goals.

  • SoulRecover: a guided meditative stretch & recovery session each week.

  • Live coaching and guidance from your coach. (That's me!)

  • Lifetime Access to the recorded LIVE (and not LIVE) sessions, so you can revisit anytime and forever.

  • NEW! SoulSweat Tribe Kickstart Kit: a surprise welcome kit to all the queens that I will personally mail to the physical address entered during sign-up.

  • Challenges with prizes to keep it fun and motivating.

  • 24/7 Access to a private SoulSweat community & accountability group chat.

  • A guest pass for a friend to join one of our live sessions 👯

  • A guaranteed BETTER, STRONGER, CONFIDENT VERSION OF YOU on the other side! 

Join Me!



$167 for this 6-week interactive program. Let's do the math: you get 36 days of guided workouts/recovery ➡️ that's $4.12 per session! And that's without counting the very new added bonus of "I do what I want" workouts.

If you can't make it to the LIVE, no sweat! *pun intended* you'll always be able to revisit these recordings in your own time, and you'll also have lifetime access to all these.


Monday October 4th

Enroll Now!


Because we are smashing and leveling up physically and mentally

in the next 6 weeks! 

I'm In!


From the Workouts Routines


Sessions will be about an hour long, including our grounding and self-check in prior to moving, warmup, and workout. We'll mix up lots of different training styles including HIIT, circuit style, strength, resistance, to maximize progress and prevent hitting a plateau.


The guided workouts you'll do on your own will be easy to follow and we'll keep one another accountable to complete those too.


Each weekly SoulRecover session will be about 20 mins long and will consist of a mix of guided foam roll and stretching routines to release tight muscles from going hard in your workouts, which is equally important to continue seeing progress and show up powerfully for the future workouts, as well as to stay pain and injury free!


Super fun playlists to get our dance on between sets, and of course, for our victorious dance party at the end of each session!


Because this program is like a buffet, it has many different components to choose from, it's great for all fitness levels! From beginners to advanced... you get to personalize it, grab whatever serves you from it week by week. The workouts will be both challenging and fun, and remember don't be intimidated as I always provide modifications.

Weight icon.png

Equipment Needed

  • Mat

  • Foam Roller. At least 18-24 inch 

  • 2-3 varying in weight dumbbell/KB sets, or adjustable dumbbells

  • Bench, chair, stool, or table stable and safe enough for you to stand on

  • Resistance Stackable Bands w/handles + ankle straps, loop bands, and gliders. 

  • Jump Rope - Optional but suggested

cal icon.png


This will be your upcoming 6-week SoulSweat 4.0 program's schedule

  • Mondays: Full Body Strength 

  • Tuesdays: SoulHIT + Booty Pump Finisher

  • Wednesdays: Upper Body Strength & Abs

  • Thursdays: "I do what i want" (NEW!) / Zumba

  • Fridays: Lean Legs & Beast Booty

  • Saturdays: SoulRecover ( A Meditative stretch)/Rest day or MakeUp 

  • Sundays: Optional Rest or Active Day

soulsweat pic.jpg

Can't wait to see you inside this reloaded 6-week edition of SoulSweat 4.0!

Think Fast, Time is Limited!


We Start Monday October 4th!

Let's Do This!
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