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Meet Your Trainers



Growing up as an athlete, Analys discovered her passion for fitness very early on. She is a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and self-love lifestyle coach for women from all over the world.  A preacher of self-care, meditation, mindfulness, and breathwork– her approach to fitness is a spiritual one. Applying these resilience-building concepts to her coaching has brought endless success to client journeys, teaching them to use what she believes to be our most powerful tool, our minds.


Her mission is to inspire everyone she meets, prioritizing a one-on-one connection with each and every one of her clients in order to help them conquer fears and believe in themselves. Through her coaching, her clients will build mental and physical strength, cultivate confidence, improve self-awareness, get to know their bodies better, and most importantly, love themselves.

Our Vision

Society, culture, and especially the food industry continue to evolve in ways that make most people feel like they can't stay in their power and be in control of their lives. It is crucial that we understand the power in food as fuel, the importance of moving out of a sedentary lifestyle and creating a deeper connection with ourselves in our bodies. Really tuning into the basic needs that we, as humans, collectively require to thrive, become the best versions of ourselves and live in coherence. In coming back to our roots as beings of nature, we are able to experience a more meaningful existence, guaranteeing longevity, quality of life and more presence in all the things we do. 



Jorge is a personal trainer, nutrition specialist, and holistic health coach. Having spent most his life playing sports and later followed by a passion for trail running, Jorge continued to a life of fitness. He took on to study nutrition, functional movements, gymnastics, weightlifting, mobility, and every aspect of fitness, allowing him to understand the tools for better performance and efficiency in training. 


Whether it’s to look good, feel good, achieve better health, focus at work or just overall happiness, he believes everybody has a reason to work out and move. Whatever the client goal is, he aligns himself with it to make it his own. 

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